Fixed Rate Annuities

Set your finances up for success with a fixed rate annuity. A fixed rate annuity can be beneficial to anyone looking for another stream of income in their retirement planning. Americo offers two to seven-year fixed rate annuities, allowing you to grow your money and create another stream of income during your retirement years.

Grow Your Savings

Fixed rate annuities and specifically multi-year guaranteed annuities (MYGA) can be a safe and promising way to grow your savings as you prepare for your financial future. If you are looking forward to your long-term needs as you prepare for retirement, investing your savings into a fixed rate annuity can help you achieve those goals. While there are a number of ways to invest your money, a fixed rate annuity generally offers a higher interest rate than the traditional CD or High Yield Savings Account, and also protects you from the market volatility involved with other investments. Discover more about MYGAs and how they work as fixed rate annuities.

Fit Your Needs

There are a number of fixed rate annuities to choose from, created to help you achieve your financial goals. You choose the term length, how much you invest, and determine other options to make sure the growth will benefit your goals. Americo has options beginning with 2-years and ending with 7-years, allowing you to invest and grow your money how you want.

Find the Fixed Rate Annuity That Works for You

Americo’s Platinum Assure Series offers a collection of fixed annuity products so you can create a plan that works for your goals. Our fixed annuities range in different guarantee periods, giving you options for your investment. Each period has it’s own interest rate.

A 2-Year Fixed Rate Annuity or a 3-Year Fixed Rate Annuity are both great ways to grow your savings quickly. While a longer annuity may feel like a daunting amount of time to keep your money tied up, a shorter length fixed rate annuity can help you quickly grow your investment. Of course, these annuities may have lower interest rates than longer term annuities, but for those who may need their money sooner these guarantee periods can work well.

For those who have the time and are financially able to invest a little longer, Americo’s four to seven-year annuities can be a great option. Our 4-Year Fixed Rate Annuity or 5-Year Fixed Rate Annuity give you a little bit longer to grow your investment. For those with the means to do so, a 6-Year Fixed Rate Annuity or 7-Year Fixed Rate Annuity offer Americo’s highest interest rates so your money can grow even further.

Learn more about how a fixed rate annuity such as a MYGA can benefit your financial plan. Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company (“Americo”) offers select annuities at competitive rates to help achieve financial success. Find out more about Americo’s different term annuities or get in touch with an agent today. Our agents have your best interests in mind and are here to discuss which options and guarantee periods can work for your financial goals. Prepare for your future today.

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